Tolmin / Slovenia

Alpine Town of the Year 2016


Alpine Town of the year 2016

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As the largest village in the whole Soca Valley (between the Predil Pass and Nova Gorica), Tolmin has already in the past cooperated intensively and internationally with other communities. Examples are “tourism”, “water”, “sewage” and “waste”. Due to the proximity of the border with Italy and the Slovene minorities living there, there are also regular cross-border activities.

Tolmin, which has already worked with Idrija, the 2011 Alpine Town of the Year, is committed to international cooperation. The city sees cooperation with other municipalities as a decisive added value for the concrete implementation of its strategic goals, e.g. in the field of climate protection.

The jury said…

The valorisation of the natural and cultural heritage, such as the breeding of native trout species, is an essential part of the development strategy of Tolmin. The surrounding municipalities and their potential, such as the Unesco biosphere or the Triglav National Park, are being exploited and play a key role in the strategy. Organic farming as well as the further development of traditional forms of management create the basis for a respectful tourism and a livelihood for young people. The town of Tolmin thus demonstrates that sustainable development is a concern for the whole region. Tolmin also showed the strength of its case through the town’s success in reinforcing the Alpine identity of the people and the locality in the context of sustainability and innovation.