Alps 2030

Climate change, increasing consumption of resources and waste problems threaten nature and society in the Alps. With their 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), almost all countries worldwide have set themselves the target of making global development socially, ecologically and economically sustainable by 2030.

In order to make this sustainable development possible, youth and environmental organisations and municipalities from different Alpine countries are working together to exchange initiatives, empower young people and strengthen cooperation across the Alps, jointly developing ideas that will change both social and economic practices. The Alps2030 project will contribute to raising awareness and implementing sustainability objectives at a local level.

The aim of Alps2030 is to promote exchanges across the Alpine arc and to support youth participation in communities. Young people are the key to a sustainable future, as they are the citizens and politicians of tomorrow. Participation and empowerment often start on a small scale: by implementing their own projects in their own communities, young people learn to turn ideas into reality and to initiate change. Each youth group is carrying out a local project that is relevant to them and linked to the topic of sustainable development goals.

The two-year Alps2030 project is a follow-up project of LOCAL.

International meetings

  • 09.12-12.12.2020: Kick-off at the Alpine Week in Nice, France
  • 20.-22.8.2021: Planken Music Festival, Liechtenstein
  • 17.-19.3.2022: Final event in Belluno/IT
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Duration: October 2020 - September 2022
Partners: CIPRA International, the Alpine Towns of the Year Tolmin, Idrija, Belluno and Chamonix, the Liechtenstein municipalities of Schaan, Planken and Eschen
Financed by Erasmus+