Executive Board

The Executive Board is comprised of three to five members. Each Alpine state may appoint only one person to represent it on the Executive Board. The Executive Board is made up of the (First) President, his/her Deputy (Second President) and the Board Members. The Executive Board is elected by the Members’ Meeting for a term of two years. It is responsible for the conduct of the Association’s ongoing business; it decides on behalf of the Members’ Meeting in matters that cannot be postponed. The First President and the Second President are the Association’s legal representatives.

Uroš Brežan


Mayor of Tolmin/Sl

Ingrid Fischer


2nd mayor of Sonthofen/D

Francesco Brollo

Board member

Mayor of Tolmezzo/I

Michèle Rabbiosi

Board member


Yuki d’Emilia

Board member

Councillor of Belluno/IT