Tour des villes

From Alpine Town to Alpine Town in search of good examples for dealing with conversion sites, disused buildings and other challenging aspects of city planning.

In the framework of the “Tour des Villes”, representatives of the Alpine Towns drew on their wide ranging knowledge of sustainable urban development and together produced innovative solutions for participation in the planning and realisation process, for decision-making and construction of projects for sustainable settlement development, paying special attention to conversion sites. Furthermore, the representatives of the Alpine Towns had the opportunity to establish useful contacts.

Many towns and villages in the Alpine region facing challenges in sustainable settlement development are confronted with divergent interests. On the one hand, there is the desire to have intact, attractive and lively village centres, on the other there is the search for new and sustainable usage of wasteland and disused buildings, like former military areas, abandoned industrial zones, similar large sites and traffic infrastructure. Through a workshop led by experts, a kick-off meeting, four joint study visits, an excursion and a final event with the presentation of results, the representatives of the Alpine Towns together elaborated concrete requirements and demonstrated good practices from different stages of future oriented urban planning.

Duration: 2018 - 2019
The Alpine Towns of Sonthofen, Idrija, Tolmin and Tolmezzo, the Alpine Town of the Year Association and CIPRA International were partners in the project.
Financed by the Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE)

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