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Sonthofen / Germany

Alpine Town of the Year 2005

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Alpine Town of the year 2005

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As the district town of the Oberallgäu district and a hub of the region, Sonthofen offers its visitors a wide range of leisure and cultural activities as well as excellent infrastructure facilities and guest services. Surrounded by the panorama of the Allgäu High Alps, this climatic health resort is the southernmost town in the Federal Republic between the Iller and Ostrach rivers and borders almost directly onto the neighbouring countries of Switzerland and Austria.

Sonthofen is the gateway to the tourist resorts in the Ostrach and Iller valleys and functions as a regional service centre for them. Relations with the surrounding area, including agriculture, are close and diverse. The Allgäu High Alps are an attractive cultural landscape with countless natural treasures in the immediate vicinity. The cultural life is rich and lively; individual events go beyond the regional framework and have an international character.

The jury said…

With the development and implementation of the 'Zukunft Sonthofen' mission statement, the town authorities have placed and continue to place great emphasis on the active participation of their citizens. Social groups can clarify their interests through their own committees, e.g. the Youth Parliament or the Foreigners' Council, and bring them into the political arena. However, the title of 'Alpine Town of the Year' is not only an award for achievements to date, but also an incentive for further efforts by the town to create a future worth living in. The title is an invitation to the population and all social groups to take a closer look at the 'dual' - urban and Alpine - identity, to deepen relations with the surrounding area and to network with other Alpine towns. The 'Alpine Town of the Year' project can thus make an important contribution to implementing the Alpine Convention. In Sonthofen all the conditions are in place for a successful Alpine Town of the Year.