Executive office in new hands

Since 1 January 2022, the management of the Alpine Town of the Year Association has once again been entirely in the hands of the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps CIPRA. Magdalena Holzer, project manager at CIPRA International and already actively involved in the Association’s office since 2014, is the new Managing Director. She succeeded Claire Simon. She is supported in her public relations work by Caroline Begle, Communications Coordinator at CIPRA International.

CIPRA has been looking after the administrative aspects of the Alpine Town of the Year Association since 2003, between 2019 and 2021 in a consortium with Oxalis – ValMonti. In CIPRA’s multilingual office in Schaan/Liechtenstein the threads of the international networks are now coming closer together again. Especially in the field of climate change and youth participation in the Alps, the cooperation has been very productive and many projects, such as Tour des Villes, Local, youTurn or Alps2030, have already been launched in partnership.

“We are looking forward to building on what already exists, to spinning new ideas and to setting impulses for lively, sustainable development in the Alpine towns,” says the new Managing Director Magdalena Holzer with pleasure. Above all, she wants to promote exchange, share success stories and initiate joint projects.

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