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Tolmezzo / Italy

Alpine Town of the Year 2017

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Alpine Town of the year 2017

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Tolmezzo is the capital of Carniola. One of the aims of the town is to grow together with the Carnic region, in close collaboration with the municipalities of the Tolmezzo area. For example, this cooperation will cover the following areas: the important production centre located in the town, tourism, mountain farming and its products, forestry, water resources and the joint provision of social and health services to the population. For Tolmezzo, cooperation with the surrounding municipalities in the valley is a key factor in achieving the town’s long-term objectives, for example in the field of climate protection. By joining the Covenant of Mayors, Tolmezzo has committed itself to implementing its objectives. The town of Tolmezzo has also involved important local associations in its candidature and is an important cultural centre with the “Museo Carnico delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari Michele Gortani” and the “Association of Carnic Museums” with its many branches. Tolmezzo has an Alpine past. All these aspects show that the city is concerned about the development of the entire region and is its main objective. Tolmezzo is the educational centre of the valley.

The jury said…

For a long time, the town has relied on the potential of the local population, for example by involving important local associations in town politics, active youth participation and committed promotion of relations with the surrounding area. The potential of the entire region and its inhabitants, agriculture and the proximity of the Julian Prealps Nature Park all play a key role for Tolmezzo. Agriculture as well as the further development and passing on of traditional forms of handicraft create the basis for a respectful tourism and a livelihood for young people. Tolmezzo is involved here, for example, with the “Albergo Diffuso” initiative, where the town becomes a hotel, with second homes and renovated housing used as guest rooms. Tolmezzo demonstrates that sustainable development is a concern for the entire region.