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Alpine Town of the Year 2012

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Alpine Town of the year 2012

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The commune of Annecy in the Haute Savoie has a very well-preserved medieval town centre and is situated directly on the “Lac d’Annecy”, whose riverbank continues right into the town. The centre is therefore criss-crossed by many small canals, which have given the town its nickname of the “Venice of the Alps”. Annecy is the capital of the Haute Savoie department. The city plays a leading role in the department at the administrative, economic and cultural levels, and has facilities of regional importance such as the National Theatre Bonlieu.

Annecy is particularly committed to climate protection. The Alps are very much affected by climate change and cities play an important role in this context. A thermography campaign using infrared aerial photographs, a programme for the renovation of “energy-wasting buildings” and a CO2 audit are just some of the measures taken by the town.

To this end, Annecy is cooperating with the surrounding regions on several issues, particularly in the field of public transport.

The jury said…

Decisive factors were not only the numerous water protection measures implemented in the area of sewage and drinking water supply, but also the role of the city for the surrounding area and its cultural development. Annecy has the ideal conditions to serve as a model for the numerous urban-lake regions in the Alpine region. The initiatives to increase energy efficiency and improve its carbon footprint, the creation of a waste management system and the efforts to promote urban biodiversity and public transport are also to be praised.