The UrbaBio project saw representatives of the participating Alpine Towns of Annecy, Belluno, Chambéry and Trento draw upon each other’s broad pool of knowledge to promote biodiversity in each city.

Biodiversity is omnipresent – not only in wild places and nature reserves, but also in our cities, right where we live and work. We are an integral part of it. This biodiversity is strongly influenced by the use of natural resources. The conservation of biodiversity requires not only the conservation of individual plant and animal species, but also the conservation of their habitats (e.g. water supply, nutrient cycle).

Scientists see urban areas as important niches for biodiversity. Therefore, the integration of biodiversity into the planning and management of urban areas is a key factor for the conservation of biodiversity.

The Alpine Towns involved in the project have developed innovative solutions for participation in the planning and implementation process, for decision-making and for the implementation of initiatives to improve urban green spaces.

Timeline: 2018 - 2020
Partners: Annecy, Belluno, Chambéry, Trento and CIPRA
Financed by: German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature and Nuclear Safety / Alpine Town of Annecy / Alpine Town of the Year Association