Morbegno / Italy

Alpine Town of the Year 2019


Alpine Town of the year 2019

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This politically engaged small town in the Valtellina valley near Lake Como is rich in history and culture as well as a favourite of “slow tourism” lovers.

The Alpine Town of the Year 2019 focuses on local values: it promotes regional agriculture and produce, as well as sustainable energy supplied by district heating. The small metropolis in northern Lombardy is reducing local traffic volumes, and numerous urban green spaces are also being restructured. Particular attention is paid to people with disabilities, families and children. It also focuses on imparting cultural knowledge about the region and the city itself, with particular emphasis on young people and families.

In general, Morbegno is an Alpine town par excellence because of its conscious actions: the enhancement of the urban space as well as the surrounding areas promotes sustainable tourism. Long-term and environmentally friendly spatial planning, the renovation of historic buildings, modern green energy development and the promotion of mountain farming all form a solid foundation for the future.

The jury said…

The topics that Morbegno tackles within the framework of the Alpine Convention concern “spatial planning and sustainable development”, “energy”, “tourism and leisure” and “mountain agriculture”. There is also a great willingness to cooperate with the surrounding areas. The services provided by Morbegno as the leading town for the surrounding areas are manifold. For this reason, the declaration “Population and Culture” can be considered as a guiding element for the activities both inside and outside the town.