Herisau / Switzerland

Alpine Town of the Year 2003 (not a member of the association)


Alpine Town of the year 2003

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Herisau combines the advantages of village and town, of tradition and modernity. It is embedded in the gentle hilly landscape of Appenzell without being hemmed in – open to the Säntis, the greater Zurich area and the Lake Constance region. Herisau is committed to sustainability, with an attractive centre, a great cultural appeal and a solid, world-conscious, innovative economy. Located in the immediate vicinity of the city of St. Gallen, Herisau is the gateway to the distinctive cultural landscape of the Appenzell region.

Fully aware of its urban rather than village-like structures, Herisau is well equipped to tackle the future issues and challenges arising in the areas of transport, schools, social services, shopping, centre planning, youth policy, security, jobs, etc. actively, confidently and in a new spirit of optimism.

The jury said…

Although it is directly adjacent to a large urban area, the city has a strong profile of its own. Respect for traditions and openness to innovation give Herisau a special, exciting dynamism. The symbiosis between agriculture and high-tech seems to have been successful. The future prospects are promising. The cultural life is varied. The small Swiss town of Herisau thus represents a real enrichment for the network of Alpine towns.