Brixen © TVB, Alex Filz

Brixen-Bressanone / Italy

Alpine Town of the Year 2018

Brixen © TVB, Alex Filz


Alpine Town of the year 2018

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The city of Brixen-Bressanone is the regional centre for one of the most important valley systems of the autonomous province of South Tyrol/IT. Its cultural life alone makes it an Alpine town par excellence: three recognised Alpine languages, the city-mountain initiative and the surrounding countryside all contribute to the Alpine character of the town. There are also various forward-looking concepts, such as the Smart City-Destination project or a profiling process based on the symbiosis between town and mountain. A strong commitment to nature and landscape conservation is also evident. There are various priority and protected areas in and around Brixen-Bressanone. There are also several archaeologically significant zones in the city. For years the municipality has also been committed to the promotion of renewable energies.

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The jury said…

The town can demonstrate lasting successes, particularly in terms of a sustainable Alpine policy, future-oriented concepts and as an exemplary key destination between town and mountain. In addition, Bressanone/Brixen is implementing the Alpine Convention in a goal-oriented manner and has identified promising building blocks for the future.