Our co-president Uroš Brežan was appointed minister

We congratulate our Co-President Uroš Brežan on his election as Minister of the Environment and Spatial Planning in Slovenia!

Uroš Brežan has played a decisive role in shaping the strategy of our association – since 2017 as a member of the Board and since 2019 as Co-President. We are very grateful for his reflective manner, his level-headed approach and his diplomatic skills. He always stood up for the interests of the association, and the inclusion of the younger generation was very important to him.

We look to the future with one eye laughing and one eye crying. On the one hand, we are sad to lose Uroš as Co-President, but on the other hand, we are very proud that he will now be able to actively shape and co-determine the issues that are particularly close to the heart of the Alpine Town of the Year Association at national level as the future Minister for Spatial Planning and Nature Conservation.

Dear Uroš, we wish you all the best! Lots of courage to tackle the pressing issues and challenges in Slovenia and the Alpine region. Foresight to make future-oriented decisions in a well-considered manner. And also perseverance and strength to remain true to your principles and to make a real difference.

We look forward to meeting you again in the bodies of the Alpine Convention, whose presidency Slovenia will soon take over.

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