Survey until 31st July: Quality of life in the Alps

Are you satisfied with the quality of life in the Alps? What should be improved? As Observer of the Alpine Convention, the Alpine Town of the Year Association participates in the preparation of the 10th Report on the State of the Alps on the topic of “Quality of life for all” and invites you to take part in a survey.

As a general term, quality of life describes the living and material conditions required for you to survive and flourish in a certain area, as well as your subjective perceptions of these conditions. In preparation for the 10th report on the state of the Alps, initiated by the Alpine Convention, there is a survey that asks about how satisfied you are with your quality of life, what your needs are and what you would like to change about it. The results will help to prepare recommendations for local, regional and national decision-makers and introduce measures to improve the living conditions in the Alps. You are warmly invited to fill in the survey before July 31st 2023. You can choose among five language versions: Italian, Slovenian, German, French and English. For more information, please visit the website of the Alpine Convention.