Passy is Alpine Town of the Year 2022

After having been a “supporting member” since 2018, Passy has been elected “Alpine Town of the Year 2022”. This title, much more than an honorary mention, commits Passy to a genuine sustainable development approach enriched by the experience of 19 Alpine towns, from France to Slovenia, including Chambéry, Annecy and Chamonix for France. It is also a springboard for the success of a project dear to the municipal team: the relocation of the truck regulation area.

Passy now joins Annecy, Chambéry and Chamonix, to name but a few of the French members, in a proactive policy in favour of the environment.

Passy’s election to the title of “Alpine Town of the Year 2022” gives new visibility to the town’s commitment to sustainable development.

With Ville des Alpes, the municipality wishes to mobilise its vital forces to accelerate the dynamic undertaken around its projects.

To this end, it will draw on the experience acquired by the international network, a veritable laboratory of ideas and experience sharing. It is working on the design of a rewarding programme based on three main pillars:

the environmental transition, a real challenge for the municipality in the context of climate change, with the municipalization of the collective catering service and the energy renovation of municipal buildings. The integration of soft mobility on the territory will also be at the heart of the reflections.

land use planning, which raises the question of the balance between urbanisation, visitor numbers and the protection of natural and agricultural areas, in particular with the project for a Protected Agricultural Area on the plain and the issues of managing tourist numbers and accessibility to natural areas.

the heritage of the area, with an emblematic architectural and contemporary art ensemble, as well as a natural heritage and popular traditions.

Passy is a commune of 11,319 inhabitants, located in the Mont Blanc region. With a surface area of 8,003 ha, it stretches from the banks of the Arve river at an altitude of 542 m to the summits of the Fiz chain at an altitude of 2,804 m. Located due south, facing the Mont Blanc range, Passy offers a privileged setting for the practice of numerous mid-mountain activities, both in summer and winter. The commune includes four major tourist sites – the family ski resort of Plaine-Joux, the Passy lake, the Jardin des Cimes and the Passy-Sixt nature reserve. Its cultural and architectural heritage is exceptional, notably the church of Notre-Dame-de-Toute-Grâce in Plateau d’Assy.