European elections: strengthen Alpine towns as front-runners

The 9th Report on the state of the Alps states: The Alpine settlement system can build on several socio-economic strengths: Alpine towns are comparatively wealthy, diverse, with a central position in Europe and unique potentials. Such potentials exist for all towns, regardless of their size. They need to be developed carefully and strategically, since Alpine towns will face particular challenges in the future.

It can be easy to forget how many people are impacted by the outcome of the European elections. The European Parliament adopts laws that affect everyone: large countries and small communities, powerful companies and young start-ups, the global and the local.

Between 6–9 June 2024, millions of Europeans will participate in shaping the future of European democracy on the occasion of the European elections. It is a unique moment when we can all collectively decide on the future of the European Union. Voting is always important, be it at local, national or European level. It is an excellent opportunity to have your say on topics you care about.