Brig-Glis: Cool places in hot cities

As part of the project ‘Climate Action in Alpine Towns’, the population of Brig-Glis in Switzerland was sensitised to climate change with four targeted measures. At the pop-up piazza, plants created a pleasant microclimate on the town square and seating invited people to linger. Temperature measurements
were also taken at six locations, the results show where action is needed to prevent the city from overheating with targeted measures. The measurements are available on the website and the info screens of Brig Simplon Tourism.

Another measure is water spray next to shady trees on Weri Square, which create a pleasant microclimate. The water for this comes from the nearby canal and is fed via the overpressure.

In autumn, the media library showed the exhibition ‘An heiligen Wassern’ (On Sacred Waters), which documents the unique construction of the Suonen, historical water pipes in the Valais.

Project Climate Action in Alpine Towns
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