Belluno: Nature to touch

Project: Climate Action in Alpine Towns

The northern Italian town of Belluno dedicated itself to the climate-friendly redesign of public spaces, especially schools, as part of the pilot project. Through close cooperation with students, they were sensitised to topics such as green spaces and climate protection and were allowed to lend a hand in implementing the measures themselves. In workshops, they learned valuable knowledge about seeds, they planted vegetable beds, built bird houses and experienced the work of bees live. In addition, they visited the Serravella Ethnographic Museum on International Bee Day.

In autumn, the project was completed with a video and the distribution of seeds and the collected ideas to other schools and the municipality, so that a green – or rather colourful – infrastructure spreads in Belluno.


The ISOIPSE association led the activities in collaboration with the town of Belluno, the Belluno Dolomites National Park, the Ethnographic Museum of the Province of Belluno in Seravella and the ApiDolomiti cooperative. The Coltivare Condividendo association and the ApeRegina beekeepers’ association were also involved in the educational activities.

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