Sondrio: Rejoining the Network

The Alpine Town of the Year Association is pleased to once again count the city of Sondrio/IT among its members. The capital of Valtellina had already received the title of “Alpine Town of the Year” in 2007, but then withdrew from the association in 2015. As the city is increasingly focusing on sustainable development in the past and coming years, it has joined the association again.

“We are very happy to be part of the Alpine Town family again,” says a delighted councillor Marcella Fratta. “Sondrio has been implementing measures in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development for years. Now we can exchange ideas on this in the international network.”
In the area of mobility, the city wants to expand e-mobility. Among other things, it has invested in bike sharing, covered bicycle parking and an e-bus for students and residents.
The cycling and hiking paths have also been and will be expanded to encourage the many guests to explore the numerous historic buildings and squares, castles and cultural sites in a climate-friendly way.
An important topic for the near future is the Olympic Games in 2026, for which the province of Sondrio is also preparing. The city is particularly involved in the discussions surrounding mobility and infrastructure.

Strong pillar in the region
“The city of Sondrio is extremely motivated to participate in the association’s activities,” Norbert Weixlbaumer, jury president at the Alpine City of the Year Association, is convinced. “They want to set a good example and implement measures in the spirit of the Alpine Convention.” The board is pleased that Sondrio is once again a member of the network. In addition to Morbegno, there is now another strong pillar in the valley that is committed to sustainable development.
The representatives of the association will soon be able to see Sondrio’s commitment for themselves when the city invites them to its general meeting in March.


In the picture (from left): Board member Barbara Greggio (Biella), Councillor Marcella Fratta (Sondrio), Director Magdalena Holzer (Alpine Town of the Year), Mayor Marco Scaramellini and Councillor Michele Diasio (Sondrio).